Sutpe project

Reserving events and gym for physical education


Sutpe is an app designed to help students of Sharif University engage with physical education in a more convenient and efficient way. The app allows users to book a gym at the university, register for various sports events and keep up with the latest news on sports activities and events.

Step-by-step process

1. Determine the scope of the project:

Before beginning any development related to a project, it is important to define the scope of the project by going through customer requirements and forecasting future needs.

2. Set objectives and goals:

This step involves capturing detailed deliverables and performance measures for a project and defining success criteria. After this step, stakeholders should agree on how to measure progress toward project objectives and when it will be considered complete.

3. Plan and design

After determining scope and objectives, organization needs to create a blueprint for both components of the system which includes design specifications for user interface, hardware requirements and any key software components that are necessary for successful completion of the projects

4. Develop

Once the designs are completed, organizations move into the implementation phase where developers work on coding or coding modules in whatever language is needed for that particular development process. This can involve integrating web elements as well as managing back-end logistics such as database setup and server configuration.

5. Test

The programmer tests code rigorously to make sure that it functions correctly when given inputs in different scenarios, deals with errors appropriately, meets all performance standards, etc. QA engineers also play an important role here by validating test results prior to release..

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