An app that connects students with music teachers, language instructors, and other educators.


UIUX design / UX research


Three months (Jul 2022 Dec 2022)


Reserve Class and pay online


Teacher Rate and review


Parent and student profile



Teacher Finder is an app that connects students with qualified tutors. It offers features such as search filters based on subject, location, and availability, as well as in-app messaging and scheduling functionality.
Also is a platform that connects students with private tutors.
It provides a comprehensive search feature, user reviews, and a secure payment system for seamless transactions between students and tutors. An app that connects students with music teachers, language instructors, and other educators. It offers a user-friendly interface, personalized search options, and features such as lesson scheduling and progress tracking.


1 Health and safety concerns: The contagious nature of the coronavirus necessitated measures to minimize physical contact and prevent the spread of the virus.

2- Adaptability and continuity: Online classes offered a means to ensure continuity in education during uncertain times.

3- Cost-effectiveness: Online classes often presented a more cost-effective option for both educational institutions and students. It eliminated expenses associated with commuting, accommodation, and physical infrastructure, making education more affordable for some

4 Global reach and inclusivity: Online classes enabled educational institutions to extend their reach beyond geographical boundaries. Students from different locations, even from different countries, could participate in the same virtual classrooms, leading to increased diversity and cultural exchange.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, online classes became essential for continuing education while ensuring the safety and well-being of students and educators. Several needs emerged as critical for the success of online classes during this time.


To design a APP to address issues around SFH, help people adopt and achieve a better Education-life balance, Save time and money.

Design process

Double Diamond

The design process followed the double diamond design framework. I began by doing secondary research and primary research to define the problem. Then I planned to develop the concept by the persona and user journey and validate the prototype in the end, and if there is enough time, I can modify the prototype from the feedback.




Market analysis

Persona 1

The personas and user journeys I made based on the research. It helped the entire project not lose focus and kept me in the right direction and find opportunities.

User Journey Report

Persona 2

User Journey Report


After analyzing and synthesizing the research, here are five insights that I would like to approach

  1. Students would like to have an efficient way to Find the tutor with review and their budget price.
  2. Students need to have a online class an their free time.
  3. Teachers like to work more when they don’t have school class.
  4. Teachers need to find the student in convenient locations.
  5. Parents Need to get more involve in their kids education progress.
  6. Families can spend more quality time together and simplify their trip planning process.


Site Map

The site map for the Teacher Finder app includes the following key sections and features:

Home Page:

Colleague’s Figure: A visual representation of colleagues to encourage interaction and improve communication among users.
Moments: Defined by time intervals, these moments trigger spontaneous talk and the system notifies users to take a break
and meet others, fostering social connections.

Personal Profile:

Working Time Tracker: The app records the user’s entire working time, helping them keep track of their productivity and work-life balance. Rewards: The app provides rewards to users who maintain a healthy work-life balance, encouraging them to prioritize their well-being.

Communication Channels:

Chat: A real-time messaging feature for direct communication between users, allowing them to exchange messages and share information. Voice/Video Call: An option for users to have voice or video calls with their colleagues, enabling more interactive and engaging conversations.


System notifications: The app sends notifications to remind users of upcoming moments for spontaneous talk or to take breaks, ensuring they actively engage with colleagues and maintain a healthy work environment.

User Flow

The User Flow of the Teacher Finder app revolves around providing a seamless communication tool specifically designed for teachers and students. The flow includes the following key features:

Login and Logout:

The app incorporates a login and logout functionality to ensure that only authorized users, such as teachers and students, can access the platform. This helps in creating a secure and personalized experience.

Three Communication Channels:

The Teacher Finder app offers three different communication channels to connect with colleagues. Users can choose the most suitable channel based on the availability and preference of their colleagues. This flexibility enables efficient and effective communication.

Meeting Moments:

The app recognizes the importance of social interactions during lunchtime and break time. Users have the option to join specific spaces designated for these moments, allowing for informal and casual communication among colleagues. This fosters a sense of community and strengthens professional relationships.

Taking Breath Technique:

The Teacher Finder app includes a unique feature to support users’ emotional well-being. When the app detects negative emotions in a user, it provides a taking breath technique as a calming exercise. This helps users manage and cope with stressful situations, promoting a positive and supportive environment.

Social Plans

we manage a competent team to develop our app with clear objectives and milestones. Effective communication, collaboration, and continuous learning help us refine the app while ensuring quality assurance and user testing. Our social media strategy fosters engagement, leading up to a successful launch with a flexible approach to adapt to evolving preferences.

Final Design

The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the app. The seamless integration of modern elements and user-friendly features creates a delightful user experience. It’s clear that our team’s hard work and dedication have resulted in a truly exceptional product that users will love.

Usability Test

After building the hi-fi prototype, I would like to verify if my concept effectively solves the problem. I have uploaded it onMaze to conduct usability tests. The login and logout, communication, break, and reminder time features are functioning properly, along with other features.
To gain a better understanding of the user experience, I moderated the tests. I provided a brief introduction of the situation, and after each session, I received individual feedback from the participants.


I implemented UX design methods to finalize my design with the double diamond process.
As I conducted the workshop and interviews by myself, I watched the recording to document the insights. Finding similar patterns as a design direction and reorganizing what they had said and why. This is a huge task but after finding the true and important insight and it is interesting.
Test to users and learn from users Prototyping is an exciting part for me, however, I would never know what users think without testing. Users always impress me and give me lots of inspiration. Therefore, after the great ideas come to me, I would like to get feedback from users ASAP.

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