Graphic Design



Logo design typically involves the development of an iconic/symbolic mark that captures the core essence of a brand. Short logo designs are generally simplified versions of longer designs, with fewer elements and a focus on just one or two key components. These shorter logos may be used for digital marketing and to complement longer visual identities, but need to reflect the core messaging and values associated with a particular brand in order to be successful.

Inspired by the book’s“Wash Your Face Girl”

In the depths of a fast-paced, image-centric world, where society bombards us with unrealistic standards, I stumbled upon a book that would change my perspective forever: “Wash Your Face, Girl.” Its powerful words resonated deeply, urging me to embrace the beauty of self-love.
Inspired by the book’s profound message, I embarked on a creative journey to translate its wisdom into a t-shirt design. Each brushstroke and color choice symbolized the unique beauty that lies within all of us, a reminder that our differences are what make us truly remarkable.
In a society that often forgets the importance of self-love, this design serves as a gentle nudge, reminding us to celebrate our individuality and embrace our flaws. It urges us to silence the noise of societal expectations and find solace in the love we cultivate for ourselves.

The words from the book echo in my mind: "Love and connection with ourselves lay the foundation for loving others." With this t-shirt design, I hope to spark a revolution of 
self-acceptance and empower others to cherish their own unique journey.
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