Hi, I’m Somayeh

I’m an empathetic product designer, a curious design researcher, a passionate equestrienne, driven by my love for creating innovative solutions. from Iran currently living in Los Angles.A passionate, data-driven, and intuitionists product designer with an engineering perspective.
Over 4 years of international research, design, and software design experience, brings an engineering perspective and a creative problem-solving approach to my design process.
My unique background as an architecture engineer, graphic designer and being an entrepreneur for years, brings a perfect blend of technical expertise and artistic flair to every project I work on.

Wholeheartedly Agree With Don Norman’s Viewpoint
On Sustainable Design And Engineering.

“It is crucial to recognize the significant role that design and engineering play in shaping a more environmentally conscious future. By integrating sustainability into our creative processes, we can develop products that are not only visually appealing but also contribute to a more sustainable world”

My fascination with digital design led me to explore the realm of product design, where I discovered the limitless possibilities of merging creativity and engineering principles. Determined to excel in this field, I sought out a mentor who specialized in product design, and their guidance proved instrumental in shaping my career.

As an product designer, my goal is to design user center products that enhance people’s lives while reducing their environmental footprint. By incorporating sustainable materials, optimizing energy efficiency, and considering the entire product lifecycle, I aim to make a positive impact on both society and the planet.

Originally from Iran

now residing in Los Angeles, I draw inspiration from diverse cultures, which influences my design approach. By embracing multicultural perspectives, I strive to create products that resonate with a global audience, reflecting the rich tapestry of our world.

My Strengths And Weakness

Strengths: One of my key strengths lies in my ability to think outside the box and approach problem-solving in creative and innovative ways. I thrive on exploring unconventional solutions and challenging the status quo to find unique and effective design approaches.Clear and thoughtful communication is vital in design because it bridges the gap between the product and the user. By understanding the needs, desires, and challenges of the target audience, I can tailor my designs and messages to resonate with them on a deeper level.

Weakness: It is important to acknowledge that my perfectionist tendencies can sometimes be a weakness striving for excellence result.I have learned that finding the right balance between perfectionism and timely execution is crucial by recognizing the value of iterative design processes and embracing the concept of “done is better than perfect. My belief in the impact of design decisions on people’s lives serves as a motivation to deliver high-quality and impactful products. It drives me to approach each project with care, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of user needs.


Association Artists Of Teharn
2016 – 2020

  • Help Young designers grow in their careers and start their first job.
  • Mentoring 14 designers from Iran to become an entrepreneur.
  • help them pursue their career goals
  • Participating in several exhibition of art work.

Official member of Iranian Businesswomen Association 2014 – 2020

  • individuals have the opportunity to engage in networking events, educational programs, and workshops specifically tailored to support and empower women in business in Iran.
  • Participating in and supporting the organization’s initiatives and goals.
  • Advocate for the advancement of women in the business community.
  • Commitment to professional growth, fostering connections, and contributing to the overall development of women entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my journey as an engineer and product designer.

I am thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries of digital design, engineering, and sustainability, as I strive to create meaningful and impactful products that shape our future for the better.I am committed to delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations. Through my portfolio, I invite you to explore my diverse range of projects, each thoughtfully designed to reflect my unique style and attention to detail.

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