Hi, I’m Somayeh

A passionate, data-driven, and intuitionists product designer with an engineering perspective.
Over the past 4+ years, I have worked on 15+ inclusive, multimodal, and creative solutions to improve people’s lives.

PS Tutor

Enhancing Productivity and Monitoring Progress for Students, Teachers, and Parents.

The PS Tutor app is a comprehensive platform designed to empower students, teachers, and parents by providing a seamless and efficient way to connect, learn, and track progress. By utilizing the app, students can easily find their preferred teachers and classes, enabling them to optimize their free time and make the most of their learning experience. Meanwhile, parents gain valuable insights into their children’s progress, fostering a collaborative environment that supports their educational journey.

As The Product Designer,
I Did:​   

  • Visual & Interaction Design.   
  •  Information Architecture
  •  Low-Fi & High-Fi Prototype Testing   
  • Design System   
  • Motion & Animation Design 
  • Design Operation And Strategy     
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research


As the product Manager I did:​

  • Manage The Visual & Interaction Design
  • Research Project Manager
  • Low-Fi & High-Fi Prototype Testing
  • Design Operation & Strategy
  • Requirement Gathering

Visual & Interaction Design

Low-Fi & High-Fi Prototype Testing

Design Operation & Strategy

Requirement Gathering

Project Management


Introduction: Footballia is a groundbreaking platform that aims to revolutionize the way football enthusiasts interact with their favorite clubs. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and the power of blockchain, Footballia provides a unique and immersive experience for fans to stay connected with their teams, boost their visibility on social media, and participate in engaging tournaments and challenges. With real-time news updates and a wide range of collectible items, Footballia creates a vibrant community where fans can truly celebrate their love for the game.

UI/UX/Graphic Design


Spark is a matchmaking app where users create profiles based on their test scores, gaming prowess, and interests. The app employs a matching algorithm to suggest compatible individuals, while also offering search options. Users can connect, chat, and explore gaming communities, fostering connections based on share abilities and passions.

In This Project I Did:

Qualitative & Quantitative Research
Low-Fi & High-Fi prototype
StrategyRequirement Gathering
Project Management

UI/UX design


Sutpe is a student app tailored for Sharif University, aiming to enhance engagement with physical education. The app offers convenient features for students, including scheduling fitness activities, tracking progress, and accessing resources. I promotes a more efficient and enjoyable approach to physical education within the university community.

In This Project I Did:

Design Information Architecture Low-Fi & High-Fi
Visual & Interaction
Prototype &Testing
Design System
Design Operation
Strategy Qualitative
Quantitative Research
Team Work

UI/UX design


A biotech web app for a top university in Iran, focused on events, educational purposes, and keeping students updated with scientific news from around the world could be a valuable resource.Here’s overview of some features you might consider incorporating into the app.

In This Project I Did:

Visual & Interaction Design
Information Architecture
Low-Fi & High-Fi Prototype
Design Testing
System Design
Operation and Strategy
Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Graphics Projects

Graphic design

T-Shirt Logo Design

Graphic design

Boconcept Brochure

Graphic design

Musem Flyer

Graphic design

Magazin Design

Graphic design

Poster Design

Graphic design

Music Cover Redesign

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